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Custom mirrors subtly open up the home with reflective illusion that's quiet and dignified. Our true-reflection quality glass returns colors and shapes with both flattery and accuracy. Designers rely on custom mirrors to complete several style makeovers from: Feng Shui and Zen-inspired rooms, art deco, and minimalist to the ornate richness of baroque and old-world styles.

Ways to use Mirrors

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors add a great design element to any room, but are especially useful for expanding narrow rooms, poorly lit hallways and tight nooks. Strategically placed, wall mirrors invite light and open spaces. Put a wall mirror at a right angle to your windows to maximize an open feel. Also, by carefully choosing the object your wall mirror reflects, you can repeat accent color and emphasize the object's visual importance in your decor.

Glassless Ceiling Mirrors

Reflective ceiling light can glam up a room, restaurant or bar like nothing else can. Mirrors are also a great optical trick to raise the ceiling on cave-like rooms, typical of basement apartments and condos.

However, weight-bearing glass mirrors on a ceiling aren't you're safest option. The solution? Acrylic ceiling mirrors. This highly reflective, glassless material is light-weight and shatter-proof and designed as a professional glass alternative product.

Custom Bathroom Mirrors

If there is one room that cannot be without a mirror in your home it's your bathroom. Having a mirror in your bathroom is not a luxury but a necessity. Let us help you choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

Fireplace Mirrors

The fireplace, mantle style and wall decor tie together the feeling of home. We can help you complete your mantle wall with a custom overhead fireplace mirror, scaled and styled for a perfect fit. Our quality, true-reflection mirror glass may double as decorative art. And comes with a three-year warranty.

Foyer Mirors

The entry way is the first room anyone sees upon entering your home. It should be decorated to greet guests and introduce your style. Since entry ways are also the smallest area of a home, custom foyer mirrors, scaled and styled for a perfect fit open up space and make those first impressions count.

Antique Mirors

Our custom antique mirror are a perfect addition for your home or place of business. All of our antique mirrors are hand crafted and cut to your specifications. Our antiqued mirrors add depth and character, reflecting the beauty of its surroundings as well as enhancing them. Just one glance and it’s easy to see how our antiquemirrors canbring glamour and sparkle to your space.


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