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Shower Doors

Glass shower doors and glass shower enclosures add light and create an illusion of spaciousness to bathrooms. Our shower doors and enclosures are designed, built and installed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our goal is to provide you a product that will meet your expectations and ultimately stand the test of time. We provide installations in a wide range of styles and finishes (e.g. brushed nickel, pewter, oil rubbed bronze, chrome, brass, and white to mention a few).

All of our shower door products are fabricated by highly skilled technicians and include frameless options. With over ten years of experience in designing, building and installing shower enclosures, we consider ourselves masters of our trade. Homeowners, builders and contractors in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas have trusted Pure Showers, Inc. for the past years to deliver the best designs in frameless shower enclosures and doors.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower enclosures from Pure Showers Inc. of West Palm Beach bring luxury to any bathroom using the latest techniques in bathroom design. Traditional shower doors incorporated metal frames around the edges of the door in order to support the glass. With such framed shower doors, metal surrounded the entire glass door, leaving no exposed edges. This style of design makes it easy for soap scum to accumulate in the metal crevices ultimately causing mildew and corrosion.

Frameless glass shower doors eliminate the need for metal framing. The doors are made from tempered glass ranging from 3/8" to 1/2" in thickness. This thicker glass creates a more luxurious look in the shower enclosure. The glass styles range from clear to low-iron, frosted, bronze-tinted and clear-tinted styles. We also have multiple options in textured glass.

Here are various types of textured glass.

Our frameless shower doors come with several options-


An inline frameless shower is comprised of a shower opening that has three walls and one "inline" opening space. Any combination of glass doors and panels used to enclose the shower space will be fixed side-by-side (or at 180 degrees). A double sliding shower door combination is the most common inline shower opening, especially for contractor-grade bathrooms. However, the homeowner has many choices today to customize an inline frameless shower enclosure.

Bathtub Doors

Bathtub DoorsA glass bathtub screen is a glass panel that is attached over the bathroom tub. Bathtub doors can easily be used in place of shower curtains. If you are looking for an easy and cost effective way of enhancing the decor in your bathroom space, a bathtub door may be the answer.

Bathtub doors come in various styles such as frameless sliding doors, semi-frameless sliding doors and framed sliding doors. Also we offer swing in-out double doors. With its custom finishes and impressive guide rails, 3/8" clear glass and convenient towel bar handles the bathtub doors or by-pass doors is the right answer for your tub door project. Both doors with convenient handles slide effortlessly on the perfectly engineered guide rails allowing for bathtub entry on either side of the tub. These doors are made with various types of glass including clear glass, starphire glass, frosted glass, rain glass, etc. While the most common size for bathtub doors is 30” by 60”, custom design can often exceed this measurement.

We also have multiple options in textured glass.

Here are various types of textured glass.

Frameless Pivot Shower Doors

Frameless pivot shower doors are defined by their brilliant engineering. Pivot hinged shower doors highlight an all-glass door, balanced on upper and lower pivots, vanishing obvious side door-hinges altogether. Pivot shower doors enhance virtually any configuration, including ambitious custom designs. Stability and structural support come inherent to the pivot shower door that naturally distributes its weight along a solid tiled floor.

Pivot hinge uses:

  • Floor to ceiling application where the hinges are anchored to floor and ceiling rather than the side wall.
  • Floor to side wall application where the lower hinge is fastened to the floor and the upper hinge is fastened to the wall.
  • Glass to glass application where hinges are fastened to a side panel.

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